Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time to update

It's definitely been a while since I've blogged, and there has been quite a bit going on.  Here are some updates:

South Beach - I made it through Phase 1 (barely) and am now working with Phase 2.  There have definitely been some not so good food choices, but overall I'm still down (weight-wise) from where I started.  I still need to work on eating more veggies, but I'm definitely eating more fruit and less bread/rice than I used to.

Friends - there has been some fairly serious parties going on lately.  There was a birthday bash w/ dinner at Umi Sake house and karaoke at Ozzie's and a baby shower - with the baby due in just a couple weeks!  And there have been many a little get together here and there, mainly at The Jones.

House - something major has been happening with our house.  We finally put in (fake) hardwood floors!  My dad and my hubbie's dad and brother came over and helped us install things and man was it a pain in the ars.  Unfortunately we couldn't do the stairs as the stairnosing is on backorder, but at least the ugly blue carpet is gone.

I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting, but that will have to wait for a different post.  Today I will be busy celebrating my husband's birthday and trying to regain feeling in my mouth after having cavities filled at the dentist this morning (bluh).


*** said...

Woohoo! Glad things are going well for you T. :)

Jen said...

Yay! She's back!