Thursday, June 5, 2008

The only zip code that matters

I found out that one of my all-time favorite shows, Beverly Hills 90210, is making a come back.  The CW is doing a remake of the 90's classic scheduled for this fall.  After I found this out, I noticed that the SOAPnet channel is rerunning old 90210 episodes - twice a day at that!  I confess, I have been DVR-ing the episodes and reliving my middle and high school days watching them each night.  And another, even bigger confession - I enjoy them I think even more now than I did then.  I swear 90210 has got to be one of the best shows ever, even when the gang went to college and Brenda went to "Europe".  It almost makes me miss middle school...almost.


Elizabeth said...

Sad! You want me to take a picture of Dylan's house and Brendan and Brandon's house when I am at the MIL's? They are 2 doors to the left and 2 doors to the right.

Jen said...

I heard Tori is going to be in the new show! Crazy!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, there is NOTHING wrong with DVR'ing 90210. When I was unemployed/sick I watched it twice a day!

I heart 90210,but can't quite get behind the new series. I just feel like its wrong. Maybe it will be good, who knows?